Competency Scoring via Signals

The Qualified platform takes an evidence-based approach to targeting specific competencies through the use of its Signals system.

The Signals system is based on the idea that aspects of an assessment can be used to measure candidate skills. Candidates who meet expectations on many critical skills are likely to be high performers. Signals are carefully selected to relate to the job role being assessed for, and can be targeted. A signal is anything that can be scored, such as the correctness score, a grouping of unit tests/questions scores, or human scored ratings.

Using this system, it is possible to create rich, competency-based profiles by aggregating signals towards a variety of individual competencies. It also allows you to isolate how well a candidate performed on a test objectives basis.

For example you can break down how well the candidate achieved different assessment objectives across multiple assessments:

Assessment objective scores shown from an in-depth profile
Assessment objective scores shown from an in-depth profile

Limited Beta

The Signal scoring system involves a new set of features currently in private beta. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to our sales team.

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