Challenge IDE

The code challenge IDE provides an in-browser IDE for editing, testing, and running assessments.

Quick Usage

  • Read through the provided Instructions.
  • Edit the provided files, and optionally add your own, to solve the given problem.
  • Run your solution against the provided tests using RUN TESTS, unless this is a web-only challenge without tests.

    • You may also edit or add new tests if you want.
    • Results will be shown in the Run Output pane.
  • Use RESET EVERYTHING… to reset the entire challenge.
  • Add notes into the Your Notes section
  • Use SUBMIT to move to the next challenge once you've completed it.

Shortcut Key Commands

  • CTRL + Enter: Run your solution against your tests (if tests are enabled for this challenge).

Importing Files

You can drag files in from your file system to add them to your solution. The web IDE accepts individual files, groups of files, or entire directories.

More Help