Content Development Guides

This page offers guides for developing challenges in specific frameworks and languages to get you up and running in your preferred technology stack. The guidance on this page can help you get the most out of the platform and serve as a reference for the nuts and bolts of a particular technology in the context of Qualified.

Testing React Skills

This guide aims to help content creators get started and navigate common pitfalls testing React skills in Qualified.

Testing React Native Skills

Although React Native bears plenty of similarities to React, we have additional notes for it as a supplement.

Writing Pandas Challenges

Pandas is a popular Python library for working with tabular data and plays nicely with Qualified's code runner. This is an in-depth guide to creating Pandas challenges in Qualified.

Creating Full-Stack Web Challenges

Qualified's Code Runner environment can support full-stack applications, but requires modularization of the project to test client and server code in separate challenges. This guide helps content authors navigate the process.

Testing CSS Skills

You can test many aspects of your candidate's CSS skills on Qualified using tools such as Puppeteer.

Browser Diff Testing with Puppeteer

An overview of a technique for programmatically diffing images, canvases and DOMs on the front end, expanding the possibilities for validating user interfaces in Qualified.

Random Tests

This guide describes how to use random tests as a means of cheating prevention.


Preconditions are easy to misuse in challenges. This guide offers suggestions for when and how to use preconditions to ensure they align with the goals of your challenge.

Testing Standard Input and Output

This guide walks you through the ins and outs of testing code that uses standard input and output to receive and return data in Qualified.

Testing SQL Skills Without RSpec

Qualified uses Ruby and RSpec as the harness for running SQL solutions by default. This guide provides ideas for testing SQL skills with other languages and testing frameworks.