Team Settings & Members

When setting up your Qualified process, a good place to start is to think about how you want your team to interact with the platform. For now we will cover the basics about team members roles and team configuration settings.

Team Members & Roles

Each member of your team should have their own Qualified account. Each account can be assigned a single role. Some roles are considered a premium role and have a higher per-seat cost than the others.

Role Types

Manager Seats (Premium)

  • Account Managers - Have permissions to do anything in the application.
  • Managers - Restricted only in so far as they cannot edit other team members or manage billing on the account.

Reviewer Seats

  • Reviewers - These users are restricted to reviewing candidates only, they cannot manage team members, billing or invite candidates to new assessments.
  • Blind Reviewers - These users are very similar to Reviewers except that they will see no personally identifiable information about the candidate. For instance, we only show them a codename for the candidates they review like "Purple Turtle". All other team members will have access to this codename so they can discuss the candidate freely without divulging identifiable information.
Reviewer Considerations

It is important to consider who you want on your team as reviewers. Reviewers can often be an overlooked part of the process. While inviting candidates to take an assessment and being able to review their score can be incredibly valuable on its own, having some of your own developers review high scoring results will maximize what you are able to learn about each candidate. It will ultimately save your team time and effort in the long run, by using the many tools Qualified has available to gather deep insights. If you are using Qualified for a recruiting, education & training, or certification, please make sure to check out those sections to gain more insight into utilizing reviewers for your process.

Team Settings

Notification Scheme

Notification schemes are used to determine how team members will be notified about notifications within the system.

The following options list the different types of schemes you can choose. The scheme chosen will be the default behavior associated with each assessment. You can also override the scheme within each assessment, which will change how the started/submitted notifications are sent. Candidate level notifications, such as approval and rejection, are only configurable via the team notification scheme.

Entire Team

This is the default scheme. The entire team will receive notifications about all candidates. This scheme is ideal for smaller teams. Each user is able to further filter notifications at their account settings level. For example, if you want everyone to be notified, but someone on the team does not want to get "assessment started" notifications, they can turn that off for only themselves.

By Assigned Team Member

Only team members assigned to a candidate will get notified about events related to the candidate. If there is no one assigned, then the person who invited the candidate will be notified.

All Managers and Account Managers

Only Account Managers and Managers will receive notifications about candidates. Anyone who has either of these roles will receive a notification.

All Account Managers

Only Account Managers will receive notifications about candidates.

All Managers

Only Managers will receive notifications about candidates. Account managers and any type of reviewer will not receive a notification.

All Reviewers and Blind Reviewers

Only Reviewers and Blind Reviewers will receive notifications about candidates. Anyone who has either of these roles will receive a notification.

All Blind Reviewers

Only Blind Reviewers will receive notifications about candidates.

No One

Notifications will not be sent out to team members, regardless of their personal notification preference

Assessment Reviews Visibility

By default, all reviews are hidden from reviewers except their own. This helps to prevent accidental bias.

If you want your reviewers to be able to read through other team members' reviews, you can enable this here.

Blind Reviewers: Post Decision

Blind Reviewers are a special role which anonymizes the name of candidates. This makes it possible to implement blind reviews and creates a less biased evaluation process.

However, you may not want users assigned to this role to always be blind to the candidate's real name. It is a common case that once a candidate makes it to the approved stage, you wish to dig deeper into the candidate's ability with an Interact Session.

Enable the "Real names once decided" option if you wish to "unblind" reviewers from seeing the candidate's real name once they are approved.

Team Member Specific Settings

Notification Preferences

Each team member has the ability to configure the email notifications they wish to receive. Other than the notification scheme, it is not currently possible for these settings to be configured at a team level, so each user will want to configure these settings themselves.

Inviting new Team Members

Add one or more email addresses into the input field, then click SEND INVITE. Your coworkers will receive an activation email which contains a link they must click before accessing their account. This will give them a chance to add their name and a password as well.