Zapier makes it incredibly easy to tie your external systems into Qualified. A comprehensive set of triggers and actions are available to construct powerful workflows, both within Qualified and between other applications.


Let's quickly review what you can do with Qualified when using Zapier.


Triggers are the events that cause a new "Zap" to run. Qualified provides a number of triggers.

  • Candidate State Changed
  • Assessment Result Submitted
  • Assessment Review Submitted
  • Note Created
  • Label Added


Actions are things that you can do to change data within Qualified.

  • Add Note
  • Update Candidate
  • Invite to Assessment


When constructing actions to take within Qualified or in other applications, you may want to look up information within Qualified's system.

  • Find Assessment
  • Find Assessment Invitation
  • Find Candidate



Qualified's Zapier integration is currently private, so you will not be able to find it within the public app directory.

The following steps must be taken to get setup with Zapier.

  1. Contact Qualified's sales team to request early access (if you do not already have it).
  2. Visit the integrations page and generate your new key.
  3. Click the "Join Zapier Beta" button, which will open a new window to Zapier where you can accept the invite.
  4. After the invite is accepted, you must setup a new connection to Zapier, using the key generated in step 2.