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Organizing learners by class, classroom, or cohort

The following advice assumes that you have learners that are a part of different cohorts who need to take the same assessment. In this case, there are a number of techniques that you can use to segment candidate (learner) data.

While Qualified does not provide organizational structures specifically built for education use cases, it does provide an assortment of general use features that you can use to customize the platform to your workflow.

Separate Assessments

If you are looking at keeping learner performance data separate from each other, you should consider using separate assessments for each cohort. You can simply duplicate an existing assessment. In this case, the assessment itself acts as the segmentation.

You can then apply labels to the assessments, so that groups of assessments belong to the same label.

This technique also has the advantage of allowing you to slightly alter an assessment to tailor it to the needs of each cohort.


If you want to keep your cohorts performance data combined within the stats view (active time, score, etc), you can continue to use a single assessment. In this case, you can use labels when inviting learners to the assessment to segment them into different groups. You can later filter candidates by both label and assessment to see their results within the candidates list.

Team Member Assignment

Similar to labels, you can also use team member assignments to segment learners. This may be less explicit in terms of defining what the group is, but allows you to manage ownership and notifications.

For best results, you can combine team member assignment with labels.