Printing Tips

Some content in Qualified is designed to be printed for record keeping, and can be exported as a PDF via built-in functionality in your browser or operating system.

Printing Dialog

When you go to print the content, you'll be shown an example of how the content will look. This example may differ from the final output, for example in how it spans multiple pages, but it should give you a good idea.

You may find that there are some options you can use to configure the output in this view as well.

Enable Printing Backgrounds and Borders

When printing a document, make sure you enable printing of backgrounds, background images, and borders. This ensures you get all of the content on the page, including charts and diagrams.

Most of the content will be free of unnecessary background colors and images, to prevent wasting toner or ink.


In the Chrome print dialog, click on the + More Settings option, then make sure that Background graphics is checked.

You may also want to optimize the output by turning off Headers and footers in this same section.


After selecting Print, there should be an option called Appearance with two checkboxes, Print Background Colors and Print Background Images. Make sure both of these are checked.

You may also want to optimize the output by setting all of the Page Headers and Page Footers options to --blank--.

Exporting to a PDF

If you wish to save the document as a PDF, you can use the built-in functionality in most browsers or operating systems.

Chrome (any OS)

In the print dialog, look for the section called Destination, and click the button Change… there. Then choose Save as PDF in the dialog.

Now simply click Save at the top, and you will have a ready-made PDF.

MacOS (Any Browser)

When using the system dialog on MacOS, there's a button at the bottom-right that says PDF. Click this, and choose Save as PDF….

Windows (Any Browser)

In the print dialog on Windows, change your printer to Microsoft Print To PDF, then print as normal.