Challenge IDE

The code challenge solver provides an in-browser IDE for editing, testing, and running assessments.

Quick Usage

  • Enter the code for Your Solution in the code editor to the left.
  • Click SUBMIT SOLUTION above to run your code against the assessment's tests.

    • Results will be shown in the lower right. On smaller screens, this will appear as a tab alongside these instructions, rather than below.
  • For some challenges, you may write your own tests in the editor labeled Sample Tests (Modifiable). On small screens, the Sample Tests editor appears as a tab beside the solution editor.

    • Click RUN TESTS to run code against the sample tests.
    • Results will be shown in the results pane as for solutions.
  • Use RESET to reset your solution, your tests, or both.
  • On some challenges, you can change the programming language.
  • Add notes into the Your Notes section
  • Use NEXT CHALLENGE to skip this challenge, or move to the next challenge once you've completed it.

More Help