Google Test


Qualified supports Google Test for C++. We recommend using Google Test instead of the Igloo framework.

Google Test is only supported when C++17 with Clang 8 is used.

Basic Example

#include <gtest/gtest.h>
#include "challenge.h" // include the 'preloaded' file, if necessary

int add(int a, int b); // the candidate's solution

namespace {
TEST(Add, HandlesBasicAddition) {
    int actual = add(1, 2);
    int expected = 3;
    EXPECT_EQ(actual, expected) << "optional failure message";

If you use the preloaded file (challenge.h):

  • There must be code in the preloaded file for the include to succeed
  • Any functions that are included in the solution and tests should be declared inline to avoid multiple definitions.

Learn More

See Google Test documentation.