XCTest Testing Framework


Qualified supports the XCTest testing framework.

XCTest Quick Start

All tests start with a subclass of XCTestCase. You can then add one or more test case methods to that class, each of which must start with test.

You must also include the main entry point method to start the tests.


Use XCTAssert* functions to create your assertions, for example, XCTAssertEqual(_ actual:_ expected:_ message).

Basic Example

import XCTest

class PersonTest: XCTestCase {
    static var allTests = [
        ("testGreet", testGreet),
    func testGreet() {
        let person = Person("Jorge")
        XCTAssertEqual(person.greet("Aditya"), "Hello, Aditya, I am Jorge, it's nice to meet you!")

Learn More

You can learn more on the Apple XCTest website.